Monday, May 02, 2005

House of Pain

Not only does my hand look like complete crap
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But Lucy managed to hurt herself last night.
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Lucy had both back knees worked on about two years ago. The surgeon guaranteed me that her knees are extra, super strong now and the teflon tendon will never break.

She was dashing from the from door to the back door last night and yelped and started hopping. Most likely, she just twisted the knee and will need a few days of NSAIDs. She's done it before. But it breaks my heart to see her like that and scares me to think she may need more surgery.

She's not really in pain, but I gave her a pain pill last night (leftovers from the last surgery) and she's still a little dopey. And she's forgotten how to manage on 3 legs and keeps walking into walls.

3:30 vet appointment. I'll update when we get back.

My poor little gimpster.

The vet believes it is just a strain, no rupture, no surgery. However, Lu's got so much noise in her knee joints, the diagnosis is not definitive. She's on Rimadyl for a week and if things haven't improved by then, we move to X-rays.

However, I think Lucy, while actually injured and hurting, is milking this a little bit. The vet also found an ear infection (Lucy gets them repeatedly in the spring, allergies) and they cleaned out her ear vigerously and put in the medicine. She was so busy tilting her head to the side and shaking it, she kept walking on the bad leg. Then she'd hop for a bit, then shake, then tilt, then 4 legs. It hurts but I'm thinking it will be better soon.

True story: After her second knee surgery, she was almost back to normal and I was getting ready to go out on a Saturday night. I turn around and she is full-on limping, as bad as the day after the surgery. I, of course, drop everything, rush to her, check her out, talk to her and give her all kinds of attention and, miraculously, the leg was fine. Manipulative little bitch.

She also got a rabies shot, so it was a very eventful trip.


Jen said...

Ouch! I hope Lucy feels better and your hand heals! would've made a fabulous hand model :-)

Sara said...

oh your poor hand! oh poor Lucy! Please keep us posted on both.

Sarah said...

Amazing how animals can totally manipulate you into giving them attention!

Hope everyone feels better soon!


Jewels said...

poor little Lucy...oh yes they know how to milk an injury for all the sympathy they can get. Caught my old dog doing that when he actually forgot what leg had been hurt and he was limping on the wrong side!! omg it was so funny.