Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Never

Kim got me. Here's my list of 10 things I've never done.

1. I've never traveled to a country where I needed a passport. You don't need one for Mexico, Canada or the Bahamas.
2. I've never watched the movie Titanic. The male lead gives me the wiggins.
3. I've never been engaged.
4. I've never been married.
5. I've never been to Texas. There are other states too, but this is the biggest one.
6. I've never milked a cow.
7. I've never been to an opera.
8. I've never been camping in a put-it-up-yourself tent. Girl Scout camp had permanent tents on platforms.
9. I've never jumped out of an airplane and I hope I never do.
10. I've never driven a motorcycle and I want to.

Now I'm supposed to tag 3 others. OK, Sarah, Heather and Bethany, since I don't think they've done it yet.


Heather said...

I knew you were going to get me :)

Anonymous said...

Oddly, the only two of those I haven't done are the cow and the opera. (Well, and "driving" a motorcycle. But I've ridden on the back one one, so close enough for blogging purposes.