Monday, May 23, 2005

The Three R's

How I spent my weekend: Reading 'riting and...not so much 'rithmatic as computers but they're based on math so it all works out.

Seriously, I finished that Scientific Revolution book and wrote an review, I commented on my group members previous comments, I read about how computers work. That right there was the majority of the weekend.

I did get out once or twice. Saturday night I played Trivial Pursuit with some friends and worked on the Noro bag. Sunday morning I finished the last few rows before going back into the computer room and sealing the door. It has yet to make the journey thru the hot and steamy spin cycle.
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And then later on Sunday I took an hour break and meet Heather and Melanie at Coffee Rush and worked on the SWTC sweater. No matter how many rows I add, it's not getting any bigger. It's like there's a yarn wormhole and someone in another dimension is wondering why her sweater is getting bigger and bigger without her ever picking it up.

I outed my blog to my classmates on Friday during a Discussion board conversation about them (blogs, not classmates). I know some have come over, so Welcome Cohort 5 members. Stick around for a while and maybe you'll even want to start crocheting.

Lucy doesn't know what to make of me being in the office 90% of each day. She wanders in to say hi and then makes herself comfortable amongst the paper and assorted detrius of the working girl.
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That's not really the desk I sit at, it's more of a staging area for assignments. And, as such, lots of crap accumulates underneath it. And my housekeeping skills are sub par and getting subbier as the semester progresses.

Lucy's also started acting up more when I actually do leave the house. You'd think she was starving, judging by the amount of food she's stolen off the counter in the past few days. And since my brain has lost all notion of short term memory, that amount of food is larger that in usually is, since I can't remember to put it away. At least she wasn't interested in the chicken I had left out to defrost and then forgot about. A night with doggy salmonella would not be good on so many levels.

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Bethany said...

That bag is adorable. I can't wait to see it felted. Excellent idea with the black, great way to stretch the expensive stuff!