Monday, May 23, 2005

Almost done

The bag has been shrunkeded and is currently drying and participating in what some might call "ghetto blocking." The paper towels fit, so I don't care how odd it looks.

Image hosted by

Tomorrow I will buy some drapery cord with my 40% off Joann's coupon and I think that will be that. Ya gotta love a speedy FO.

Michelle contacted me about the headscarf pattern. I did just as I suspected I would and made a rather large mistake. Shells really do need some chains to make that all important ch 4 space. It has been corrected, so crochet away. Until someone finds yet another mistake.

Cupz tomorrow night for the first time since The Amazing Race and Veronica Mars decided to show new episodes for 5 weeks in a row. Why are the good shows always competing against each other? And did that previous sentence make sense to anyone but me?

Next entry: an ode to the eternal geekiness that is my family. Trust me, it's definitely genetic.


Eva said...

The bag looks great! Sorry I missed you guys on Sunday. I didn't get the email until late...

Hopefully there will be more fiberholics anonymous sometime this week, as I can't make it to Cupz tomorrow (Da da da da da da da da da da... that would be the theme to Star Wars - guess where I'll be tomorrow night!?)

Lauren said...

Very cute bag--looking forward to seeing it all finished :)


Kirsten said...

Hi Pam!
Your bag looks great!! I really like the colors. I am going into SnB withdrawal over here.......hopefully I'll get to see you all sometime soon.......sigh.