Monday, June 20, 2005

Lots of Randomness

School books
SB 4. Double Fold - Nicholson Baker
SB 5. Digital Libraries - William Arms

And yet another paper written about them.

Regular books
40. Ten Big Ones - Janet Evanovich. The last (for now) of the Stephanie Plum books. Thank you Paula for gifting me with this. Your momentary memory loss is my good fortune.

41. Back When We Were Grownups - Anne Tyler. I wasn't expecting to really like this book, it had gotten added to the collection at some point when I had access to cheap paperbacks. And when I have such access, I go a little crazy and end up with a bunch of twinkie books. But I enjoyed this a lot. Rebecca, in the middle of a family gathering, realizes that she is not what she wanted to be when she grew up. This surprises her since she's been doing the same things for 30 years. So she tries to change what she has become. It really made me think of all those roads-not-taken and how life could have been different. Luckily, it had a happy ending so I didn't get too depressed about what-could-have-been.

Made the mistake of going to Joann's with Melanie Saturday evening. I'm not sure if Lion Brand is discontinuing Kool Wool or this store was just cleaning house, but I got 12 skeins at $1.50. Mostly green with a few black. I probably wouldn't have even looked at it, but I have been drawn to the green Kool Wool ever since I started crocheting. I think I've fondled it every time I've gone into the store. Which is a lot of fondling. So I took it as a sign, especially since it's probably the exact skein that I've been fondling this last 3 years.

Also on Saturday, I received my order from Discount Yarns. The felted rose bag is sitting (unassembled) on the couch right now. I just need to fit it into the list. Somewhere. I also got one of their Mystery Bags of yarn, but I need to sit down with Sarah to divvy it up since we split the cost.

Lucy spent Saturday night at Melanie's as a trial run for my trip back east. Since Lucy terrorized the cats and ate all the English muffins we'll be looking for an alternate location. Thanks for trying Mel!

And it was very weird spending the night by myself. Lucy spends 75% of her time sleeping, but she always knows exactly where I am and if there is food near me. I felt funny having a bowl of cereal without her knowing precisely when I'm have one spoonful left and coming over and looking at me until I give it to her. There's no lingering over dinner with this dog, you pause for too long and she assumes your done and starts staring and nudging for the final bite.

Eva tagged me for the book meme. I'm pondering. You can't rush into picking your favorites.

I'm still working on Mozambique scarves and hats. I know I said I was stopping, but when I went to Kelli's blog to get the link I reread her plea and got the I'm-lucky-I'm-not-living-in-abject-poverty guilts and made a few more. Pictures when this batch is complete.

And finally, Dad liked yesterday's post.
"Hi Pam,
Your Fathers Day gift was great. I don't know where you found all those old pictures. I don't remember some of them. The one in the cowboy hat should be lost again. Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this together. It was a lot better than the *deleted crap gift I was going to give*."


Jack said...

Does Lucy get along with other dogs? I'd be happy to take her as long as Guido and Lucca approve.

You'd be so proud of me - I'm crocheting an edge on my Mariposa. I can't really figure out if it matters which way I wrap the yarn, but I guess I'll see.

Lauren said...

Double Fold is a very interesting book--read it several years ago BEFORE library school. Pretty controversial in our field! What is the class you are reading it for?

Have a good one!

Paula said...

I think Evanovich has come out with the 11th book, but I haven't read it. (And won't in HB - the only reason I had those two is one was cheapo and used and the other was cheap with joining a book club.) She's getting a little repetitive.