Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Oddness still occurring

Every time I start working on something I find 6 other things I should be doing instead.

But I feel very multi-taskorial.

I spent way too much money at Target.

But I now have a messenger bag, a cosmetic case, some new pants, decent pj's and a three subject notebook that makes me feel like I'm back in high school. And a lot of toilet paper. It was cheap.

My suitcase is going to weigh one metric tonne. The computer text alone weighs 5 pounds.

But I have been able to winnow out some things. Seriously, how many socks do I think I'm going to make in 2 weeks. I'll be lucky if I finish the SWTC sweater. Of course that just helps with bulk, not mass.

I'm still working on the SWTC sweater.

But I'm almost to 10 inches on the first ball of yarn and that was my cut off. If I didn't get 10 from 1, I was going to need more yarn. I think I'm going to be ok.

Good things and bad things. At least they're evening out right now.

Now must go read and fidget some more...

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