Thursday, June 30, 2005

Weirdness abounds

I was tailgated by a cop this morning.

This afternoon it was a lavender Jeep with its turn signal on, driven by a 60-ish man.

There was also a self-made convertible SUV painted in red and white stripes with a blue hood lurking about.

AT PetsMart I say a guy who really resembled his dog. Which is worse than it sounds because the dog was a Pomeranian. Same orange hair, same nose.

When I arrived home, the neighbors (who have been designated the Oblivious Family) have their pick-up and boat blocking 3 parking spots while they load up. For over 30 minutes at this point. One of the spaces was mine but of course they didn't come outside until after I had roundly cursed them and backed over a curb trying to get to a spot that wasn't on the other side of the complex. Had they pulled forward two feet, they would be completely blocking 2 spots instead of partially blocking three. They are also under a tree, so I hope lots of annoying little palo verde leaves fill up their precious boat.

These are the same neighbors who had this response when Lucy got out of the backyard: "Yeah, we saw her. We knew she lives in that apartment right there but we couldn't be bothered walking 20 feet and knocking on the door so we just let her wander off after she played with out dog for 10 minutes. Yeah there's a busy road within spitting distance, but why should that have changed our actions in any way?" Or something like that.

I'm very happy I'm not going to be driving for the next two weeks. The crazy drivers (and crazy road construction workers and crazy crosswalk painters) have been out in force the last few days. I know my car isn't invisible because I am able to find it every morning. So why do people keep pulling out in front of me?

Tofu sweater update. Below is 10 inches of the first panel and I'm still on the first ball of yarn. This translates to me having enough yarn to complete said sweater. It's going much faster this time around and the pink is a lot softer than the red was. I also went up a hook size (still below gauge) between the two changes, the resulting fabric is much drapey-er.

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Sarah said...

Looks great!

Thanks for the link to the You KNit WHAT? blog!

Sara said...

"This afternoon it was a lavender Jeep with its turn signal on, driven by a 60-ish man."

ooo. That's creepy.

The Tofu sweater looks great!