Friday, July 01, 2005

And the fight begins

Justice O'Connor retires from Supreme Court

Should we read anything into the fact that this announcement was made the day before a 3-day national holiday?

Very similarly to how the first Mad Cow was unveiled on Christmas Eve 2003?

Can anyone say "Manipulating the news cycle"? I knew you could.

The battle for the next Supreme Court Justice is going to be long and painful. And, if you have any interest in retaining your reproductive rights, you need to be in it up to your proverbial cervix. It's not just the right to choose to an abortion that's at risk; it's the right to medical privacy, the right to get the medicines that were prescribed to you, the right for a woman's life to be more important that the fetus she may carry.

We need to pay attention. We need to get involved. We can't let the religious right slip in an anti-choice justice, no matter how perfect they look on paper.

If you can give money, please do.
Planned Parenthood

If you can give time, even better.
Save Roe
Planned Parenthood

The wrong justice selection could potentially effect every American in some way, not just women and not just those who are pro-choice.

Make your choice heard.

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