Sunday, June 12, 2005

We have no shame

There we were, shamelessly *whisper* knitting in public. But it's ok, yesterday WAS Worldwide Knit in Public Day after all.

So we met up a Mama Java's: myself, Mel, Eva, Kiki and the crew and another nice lady and her 2 daughters whose names I didn't get (sorry, I'm bad about introductions...).

Tank tops and baby blankets and Mozambique scarves and drop-stitch scarves and dishcloths and shawls and hats and necklaces all had progress thrust upon them.

And not only was yarn manipulated, yarn was also purchased. It seems that Tuesday Morning has become the beneficiary of the discontinuation of Lion Brand Cotton Ease and some styles of Wool Ease. And since they're right next to Mama Java's... After all my recent deliberations re: the purchase of more Cotton Ease (in my head, not on the blog), I bought none. Instead I bought a large amount of Wool Ease sportweight. Enough for 1 winter sweater and probably 2 monkeys. Because, you know what my life has been missing lately? More yarn. Jeez.

And after knitting in public, we went en masse to eat in public. NYPD Pizza's calzone are absolutely wonderful. And as big as your head. A few of us neglected to bring in out projects, but not the Luscious Gracious group. Kiki finished her tank top, Steve finished his necklace and the girls made great strides with their socks. And the waitress couldn't keep her hands off of Kiki's sweater, apparently she's a crocheter (yay!) and will probably be making a trip to Jessica's this week to buy some of the exact same yarn that Kiki was using. Mel, Eva and I spent the time squinting at the menu (it was rather dim) and trying to relax our wrists after so many hours of continuous work.

The rest of the weekend has been spent in pursuit of knowledge. I don't think I caught any though.

Tomorrow I have my annual general practitioner doctor appointment. It's going to be fun to try and explain the 120 billion things that have changed since last year. "Well I lost my job and got a new one but that ended and I started school but I'm still looking for a job so I'm kinda stressed out and I've added one prescription and 5 OTC medications to my repertoire and I'm trying to eat better and no I haven't started exercising and HOW many tubes of blood are you going to take?" And then I have to do it all again with my endocrinologist in a week.

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Luscious Gracious said...

Had a blast yesterday, dear. Can't wait to do it again. The girls think that you are super-cool, and not only because you passed them some yarn. They, and S, are more jazzed than ever about picking up more crochet skills. I will remain a closet crocheter, not teacher, since I learned "mirror image" from my mom, who refused to teach me. That means it's all just made up and I have no idea what any stitches are called, how to follow a pattern, or how to explain to anyone how I got a certain result. My usual response? "Magic." Works every time.