Sunday, July 31, 2005

Done! (Again)

The Tofu sweater is complete! Long live the Tofu sweater!

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SWTC pattern Jonna. Oasis in Perfect Pink. This was the second from smallest size and it fits me, so it's a generous cut. I would recommend wearing a similar color bra under it (ie not blue with pink).

A little group met up at Coffee Rush today and were witnesses to the sweater finale (and made me go change into it in the bathroom). Heather taught me the correct way to do a reverse single crochet (there is no name for the stitch I was doing and it should remain that way).

Melanie, Heather and Eva (we were all a little tired)

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Sarah and Hannah

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And finally - do all dogs use their paws like hands? Or is Lucy advanced for her species? Seriously, she does this all the time. She also used to lie on her back and hold the bones over her mouth (or beer bottles) but she's stopped that as she's gotten older (and as there's less beer in the house since the whole living alone thing).

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Sarah said...

Totally a tire day!!!!

a nice photo of me and my oldest baby!

Vera said...

Your sweaters looks fabulous! Great job!

Ashley said...

Your sweater looks awesome! I love that color, it's so juicy and summer, perfect!

Eva said...

Excellent job on the sweater!! I'm glad we made you try it on. ;)

And thanks for a picture of me that I don't hate!

Kirsten said...

Tofu looks great!! It also looks very nice on you. Hope you had a good weekend.

Lauren said...

That turned out very well--I like the cut, and the name is great :)

Heather said...

Gorgeous...and the sweater, too! I really like it on you. Embrace the tofuness!

Of course Lucy is advanced for her species. You had to ask?

Jewels said...

awesome sweater - I love the color!! Curly said to let Lucy know he loves smart doggygirls! ;)

Anonymous said...

Pam - LOVE the finished sweater! And that color (swoon) - - I'm going to get some with my next Craftmart coupon!