Saturday, July 02, 2005


In 12 hours, I'll be out the door for two blissful weeks in humid PA. A week relaxing with the fam, a week of unheard of stress at school. Should be fun.

Lucy's with a friend and I miss her already. I really should teach her how to dial a phone so we can keep in touch during these separations.

I found a LYS near the Pitt campus, actually it's close to where I used to live. Hopefully I'll get a chance to at least pop in.

LYSs in Lancaster? I know of one. It's very small. But I'll probably be stopping by anyway.

While I know I'll have internet access, I am not sure if I will have abundant free time. I'll post if possible and if not? Copious notes. The hilarity that is my family's get-togethers will be recorded.

With regards to my Supreme Court post below: I have the upmost respect for Justice O'Connor (how could I not? First woman in the Court!) it's the reigning government that I don't trust. Shrub has already said the madness will start next Tuesday. Everyone hold onto your hats.

Have a safe and happy 4th and I'll have a picture of the completed SWTC sweater for y'all when I get back. I promise.

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Jewels said...

Have a great time (and you know Lucy has "pee-mail", right?) :) Should have sent her here for a week of 'conjugal' visits with CurlyEarl, LOL