Wednesday, July 27, 2005

So close...

One hour to wait, one hour to chat and then a month where I can keep my brain in a box if I want to. Whee!

Tonight, as of 6:02 Pacific Time, let it be know that I will not be answering the door or the phone until Harry Potter 6 is done (the chat ends at 6, but I wanted to give myself time to pee). I will make every attempt to show up at Sarah's at a reasonable hour tomorrow morning, but I make no promises.

Some pictures to entertain you.

Works in Progress - The almost-done tofu sweater, the start of a tank for my sister, the start of some Magic Strips wrist-warmers (I'm expecting to be chilly when I go to Pitt in October).
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Before the monsoon hits (note the orange lighting, it's really that color before a monsoon. It's kinda creepy).
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During the monsoon.
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She did that herself. I'm guessing her feet were cold.
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Bald dog! With spooky eyes!
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Heather said...

I can't wait until you are done!!!

Nancy said...

Does it really take you 2 minutes to pee?



Bethany said...

The tofu sweater is looking nice! Is that a test crochet? Or for you? What pattern are you using?

Heather said...

::Heather sits at her computer, waiting patiently for Pam to finish::