Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why didn't anyone tell me?

How am I supposed to be ready for National Shit Blowing Off Of Trucks Day if no one tells me when it's scheduled?

Things that hit my car today:
1. Grit from a trash truck
2. Rock from a gravel truck
3. Styrofoam cup from a work truck

Things that were lying in the middle of the 101:
1. Piece of plywood
2. Half dozen orange traffic cones (battered and squished)

Thing I personally saw fall off a truck:
1. Empty 5-gallon bucket
2. 2-foot square piece of cardboard.

I hate driving.

One last school book for the semester:
SB 12. The Future of Ideas - Lawrence Lessig. More about copyrights and how they hinder creativity.

5/6th of the way thru Harry Potter. Yes Heather, I will call you the instant I'm done.

Has anyone else been having issues with their Yahoo mail? I have a sneaking suspicion that my emails are being sent out to the great abyss...


Mel said...

Interesting... I saw a massive amount of cars/people/cops on the side of the 60 on the way home today. Looked like a huge tank fell off of a huge flatbed semi, causing a chain-reaction accident. Hopefully no-one was injured.

Sarah said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound!

Heather said...

Jeesh...remind me not to drive behind you! I think you are a magnet or something. No birds, though?

I'm so glad you called me when you were done the book! I was going to explode if I didn't talk about it. Love the site you told me about! Is is really going to be 2 years until the next one?!?