Saturday, August 13, 2005

A little something

I'm not sure how interesting this really is but go here and look at the picture. That's me in the middle, surrounded by pregnant women who are no longer pregnant (this pic was taken last summer, the tummy lumps are now capable of independent movement).

While I'm glad the group is getting some ad-VERT-as-ment (as my great-aunt always said), there's just so much wrong...

1) Somehow I know who Letoya is, but she doesn't recognize me (minor point).
2) We meet at Mama Java's the third Wednesday of the month, not every week. If newbies show up this Wednesday, nobody's going to be there.
3) The 'every Tuesday' meeting, while open to all, is rapidly outgrowing our meeting place (i.e. we may be moving it soon) and was initiated as a plain and simple stitch and bitch (i.e. no teaching of completely novice knitters). I know that may sound snotty but we have our "official" meetings twice a month where people are willing and able to teach. Tuesdays was just supposed to be us veterans. Whine, whine, whine.
4) I look like a whale.

So yay for us, we're the Best Bet of the week, but boo to the Republic for once again screwing up the facts.

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Sarah said...

You go Pam....

I agree, the Tuesday meeting a just mostly a chatty get together without a formal "meeting" feel.