Sunday, August 14, 2005


Finally, the never-ending tank top is done. It's done and washed and currently blocking nicely in the living room. Pictures tomorrow, immediately prior to shipping. Whee! No more tank top.

Except that I promised SWTC that I'd try and design a tank for them soon. Yarn's sitting next to the couch and everything. I may take a few days off before that commences.

I met up with Eva today for a bit of a stitch and/or bitch session. On the way, I ran over a cardboard box. You know, like you do on crowded suburban streets. As a direct result of my wishing something interesting would happen Friday, the box got stuck under my car. Which necessitated a quick pull-over and 5 minutes worth of lying on the ground and poking and pulling and getting a wooden dowel out of the truck and resuming the poking and pulling. Since I was unsure of the box's condition prior to the wedgementing, I am unsure that I got it all out, though I know I did get the vast majority. I was able to continue driving without flames shooting out from the underside of the car, so I think I'm probably ok.

And don't bother asking, I have no earthly idea why I have a wooden dowel in my truck. Just be glad that I did.

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ladylinoleum said...

Me thinks you have a wooden dowel in your truck precisely for times like these!