Monday, August 15, 2005

The deets

Here's the tank top, at this very moment winging its fashionable way to DC. Assumedly in an airplane but it is possible the sweater developed the power of locomotion and is flapping its self-propelled way east.

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Plymouth Encore 1317 and Plymouth Encore Colorspun 7126 (if I had to guess I'd say 7126 was the variegated stuff). About 1.5 skeins each color. My pattern, jury-rigged greatly since I didn't have the model present. I folded it up some for the picture because otherwise it just looked like it would adequately clothe a house and while my sister may own a house, she doesn't look like one.

And here's what I did last night. It once was a scarf (70% angora, 18% wool, 12% nylon). Now it's a pile of lace weight cotton candy. No specific project in mind, but it appears to be asking to become a lacy stole. Or be fed to dumb, hungry, fair-going children.

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And I finished the Harry Potter series, 1-6. I now think I've gotten all the connections and hints and clues that can be found and should not have to reread them until 7 is published (sometime in 2017 I believe?).

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