Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I had elaborate plans for this post. There was going to be pictures of the neat fortune cookie stuff I got from Amy, a screed on the used textbook I just bought that has obviously never been opened, musings on the large amount of pink laceweight I now possess, a query about why someone would be googling the phrase "squish you like a bug sarah" and possibly a reveal of the meaning of life.

Instead I managed to kick the doorframe while trying to step over the dog. Toes don't like it when you try to remove them forcibly. The day's plans have been changed to "lounge around with foot elevated and try to determine if the pinkie toe is actually broken or just swelling for the fun of it."

One week without a self-induced injury, is that too much to ask?

Still planning on going to Coffee Rush tonight. I may be hopping, but I'll be there.

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