Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Books and Teeth

53. The Big Over Easy - Jasper Fford. About Jack Spratt the Nursery Crimes detective and his investigation of Humpty Dumpty's murder. Very funny and very similar to the Thursday Next books, except I've actually read the nursery rhymes so I know I'm getting all the references this time.

School Book 1 (for this semester)
1. Just Here Trying to Save a Few Lives: Tales of Life and Death from the ER - Pamela Grim MD. Dr. Grim burned out after working in a Cleveland ER for many years. Reading these stories, you'll totally understand why. And then she joins Doctors Without Borders and the stories continue. Really interesting and now I just have to write 175 words about it.

And with regard to teeth. I had my 6 month check-up yesterday. And one tooth has decided to self-destruct. Chipped filling, the start of a new cavity and two (not one but two) cracks leading beneath the gum. If I let it go, I'll probably end up needing a root-canal. So I go in tomorrow for a crown. Yecch. And the odd thing is it's not even the tooth that was bothering me in March. Thankfully I kept up my dental insurance, it's saving me $500 (but still costing me over $300).

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