Thursday, September 15, 2005

Boring update

Baby hat done. Baby sweater still in pieces.

Pink shawl edging one quarter complete, more or less.

Red socks, tiny little bit on one cuff done.

My mouth hurts and I'm afraid the temporary cap is going to fall out. And that I'm going to swallow it and it'll bite me in the ass, literally.

Boys suck. In the bad way. So many examples, but I'll leave it to your imagination. Not just one boy either. Right now I'm willing to say that all the boys in all the world suck. Stupid boys.


Mel said...

Not to be cliche (ok I DO mean to be cliche... It's a weakness.) but maybe the toads will make you appreciate the prince down the road. Sorry that it's been raining toads lately...

Luscious Gracious said...

and even the princes are occassionally toad-like. It's the damned y-chromosome.
stupid boys.