Monday, September 19, 2005

Still Boring

I'm having placement issues with the edging on the shawl. I know I'm going to run out of yarn so I'm changing the game plan, but I can't get the edge to lie down flat and it's getting quite annoying.

However the baby sweater is seamed and only has a bit more reverse crochet edging to go. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow.

School continues to kick my ass. Large amounts of readings were hiding in the syllabus, leading to me staring at the computer for way too long each day. If I finish the current assignment, I'll be ok for a week. Which mean I just have a billion pages to read each day instead of 2 billion.

My tooth still hurts, I'm sleeping too much and I am yacking at random intervals for no good reason.

Boys still suck but some less then others. The ex (who is safely back from Iraq and hinting he'd like to crash on my couch for an indeterminate length of time) is still firmly in the suck category.

I did manage to finish another book during all this boring drama.
54. The Well of Lost Plots - Jasper Fford. Remember how excited I was that Fford was writing about nursery rhymes rather than the classic. Had I read the books in order I wouldn't have been nearly as surprised since The Well of Lost Plot is the transition between the two. Very enjoyable and funny, but it did make me feel like my literary education is lacking. I think I own Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre but I haven't read them. I know, what kind of librarian can I become without having read them? The answer is: Medical. Ha.

And the answer to the couch question is a resounding Hell No.

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Eva said...

Thanks for clearing up my confusion about why nursery rhyme characters are playing a more prominent role in The Well of Lost Plots. I'm about 1/2 way through, so don't give anything away!