Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Too F*ckin' Nice

That's me. Somehow I've become the go-to girl for problems lately. Apparently the fact that I am able to live my life without imploding daily has caused me to emit a subtle signal to the conflicted among us.

And, before anyone reading this get all "Beeyoch is talking about me! Last time I tell her anything", if you are currently reading this blog you are not included in the above category. You are my friend and I do not mind being an ear or a shoulder or whatever body part you may need (well, within reason. I need to keep at least one of my kidneys, 'cause I ain't got time for dialysis). To reiterate - this is not directed at you.

The people am referring to are the ones who aren't in my life until a crisis hits. Tonight alone, I have spent 3 hours fixing other peoples lives. Me, the girl who is usually hanging on by a crocheted thread. First was the phone call with the weekly ethical/moral dilemma. Every time it's a matter of life or death or someone's job or maintaining a friendship against all odds. Except it's really not, it's just a stupid problem where the conflicted one has such a miniscule role that if she disappeared not one iota of difference would be made. The world revolves around the sun, not you: learn it, love it, live it and stop calling me about stupid shit and then repeating yourself for 20 minutes at a pop.

But the best was the knock at the door mid-phone call. I peek out the blinds, unshowered, with glasses and unbecoming hair, in my pajamas to see my ex. He's back from Iraq and his life has turned to crap and I'm the one he runs too. Because who better to help you with your girlfriend and job retention problems than the girl who dumped you over the phone while you were in a foreign country in large part because you couldn't hold a job. I actually yelled at him first for coming over with no notice and made him cry, but then I sat and listened to him for over an hour. Because I'm too f*ckin' nice.

And yes, I called the first complainer back after he left so the bitching could continue. Ya'll know the refrain by now.

Wow, the bitterness has certainly risen to the top tonight, hasn't it? Like unpleasently curdled cream. And yes, I'm perfectly aware of the irony in my complaining about complainers. Now I'm turning off the phone and going to bed.

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Eva said...

I think you need some fiber therapy. You comin' tonight?