Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How to Sidestep Mental Blocks

Three assignments due in three days. And me without a lick of concentrational ability...what's a girl to do?

One - Felt stuff

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Birthday bag for my sister (who hopefully won't read this until after next Sunday when she receives it) and a cell phone case for me. Both out of SWTC Karaoke with the cell case being my first attempt at knitting continental. The two sides shrank different amounts since my tension was all over the place, but I'm happy with the end product.

Two - Read
56. Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood. It's rather hard to explain but there's genetic engineering gone awry and a coming of age story and a scary future. I liked it, but damned if I can say anything more then "Read it" without making you run in the other direction.

Three - Movies
Went and saw Serenity again, this time with Josh. And there was alcohol involved as there so often is in stories containing Josh. And a round-trip walk around the outside of the Chandler mall resulting in a large patch of skin removing itself from my heel. Note to self: when you've been wearing slides and flip-flops for months on end remember that full-fledged shoes may rub vulnerable areas.

Four - Crochet
75% of the back of the Anika sweater is done. It's being done in SWTC Beyond (cotton) which is a bit of a pain to work with because it's got lumps but I like the effect so I continue.

Tomorrow's plans for procrastination include another trip to the dentist (hopefully resulting in an actual cap this time), shopping for some long sleeve shirts so I don't freeze at Pitt and don't have to pack bulky sweaters, fretting about packing, packing and squeezing in some quality time with the dog. And when the procrastination is done? Lots and lots of reading.

A finally question for ya'll. How come guys always think that PMS means that you're going to rip their head off or randomly stab annoying drivers? For me, at least, PMS just means I'm going to be really self-critical, not be able to pick an outfit and spend a lot of time about to cry, crying or putting cold washcloths on my eyes to reduce the swelling from crying. Am I doing my PMS wrong? Do I need a refresher course in PMS 101? Or are guys just stupid? (I'll let you guess what my thoughts are).


Deneen said...

Um, I'm gonna say guys are just stupid!

Love the colorway of both bags. I never heard of that yarn (being just a hooker, you know how we are with the good stuff!).

Zarzuela said...

Um...yeah...guys = stupid. Especially when it comes to female hormones.

Eva said...

Like you have to ask about guys and hormones.

noricum said...

Yeah, guys are stupid.

Ashley said...

Your felted bits rock!!

I do PMS the same way, generally very upset about everything. So, if you're wrong, you aren't alone!

African Kelli said...

I am loving the colors of yarn you used for that cute little bag. It's great!