Sunday, October 30, 2005

Unexpected Boobs

Melanie's already posted about our night at the Fair but I though I'd still add my 2 cents.

This is only the second time I've visited the AZ Fair, last year being the first. It's big, it's noisy, there's lots of neon and people carrying around stuffed animals larger than their torsos. And of course, fried stuff on a stick. I submit that you haven't truly experienced the fair until you've eaten something skewered on a big toothpick and dipped in boiling oil. I am happy to report that I filled this requirement, twice. One corndog and one fried twinkie and I may never eat anything ever again.

The main purpose of the trip was the Beck concert. Which was incredible. I was a bit concerned because the initial hot drummer quotient was very low but Mr. Beck made up for it. Oh, and when the dancing accountant started banging on stuff it raised the average. What probably impressed me the most was how versatile all the band members were; there were 6 on stage and most of them played at least 3 different instruments. At one point, there was a flatware table jam that was truly amazing. Of course, me in my ultimate nerdship just kept wondering how they mic-ed the table, but it was still v v cool.

After the show we wandered the fairgrounds for a few hours (I'm happy because I only tripped one time and didn't actually hit the ground). Forrest was staring longingly at a carnival ride that appeared to defy the laws of physics (There was even a sign proclaiming how a computer was used to make the thing move. I kept picturing a Cray in the control booth with some missing teeth and a tattoo of a mermaid on its hard drive.) Forrest wouldn't go it alone so I sacrificed my body to the cause. Holy Crap that thing moved in a lot of directions at once. The gentleman seated to my left started the journey by turning to me and saying "We're screwed". By the time we lifted off the ground he had changed to "Oh shit" which soon progressed to "Oh ffuuucckkkk". I had a definite list when we came back to earth and it's possible my eyes were moving independent of each other.

And then we went home and I slept for approximately a day and a half. The fair makes you tired.

Oh, the unexpected boobs of the title? They were mesmerizing and I think that fact almost got me a punch in the nose, I just couldn't look away. I'm all for dressing to your strong points but I never expected to see 75% circumference of a boobal area at a Beck show. And I kept wondering how she was maintaining any body heat, I was chilly and my boobs were fully contained, she had a lot more surface area exposed. Our final theory was that she was just really proud of her new purchase.

Next weekend is the Figure-8 demolition derby. I think I will be attending that, albeit without consuming any more fried snack cakes.

ETA: The participants in this night of debauchery were Melanie, Forrest, Josh and myself. Josh is most probably the coolest dude in existence (especially if you don't count Beck). And he didn't have to pay me to say that or anything. We ran into his friend Tim at the show and Tim believe that Tim is the coolest dude ever, but Tim is mistaken, it's Josh. Or Beck. Nah, it's Josh.


Heather said...

Fried goodies are just about my only reason for ever wanting to go to anything like that. I'm so glad you had a great time! Sounds like a great concert

Mel said...

I just was thinking... Maybe the boob-lady had a bad relish experience last time at the fair and she was trying to avoid it again. I agree that Josh is quite possibly the coolest guy in existence :-)