Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A week!

How the heck did a whole week pass? I think that's the longest I haven't posted when not being physically out of the state.

So let's recap:

I am still in Arizona. Still in Chandler. Hell, I've basically been in front of this computer since we last spoke. Seriously, 75% of waking hours I'd estimate. And that doesn't even include bathroom breaks.

I did escape briefly to see Everything is Illuminated the movie. They changed the book, but they kinda had to. Elijah Wood played Jonathan weirder then I would have thought but it worked. Liev Schrieber did an excellent job adapting and directing and this is one I'd go see again. Which is good because the book club may go this weekend.

Then on Saturday I escaped briefly again and went and saw Serentity. The movie based on Firefly, the Joss Weadon tv show that died an untimely death. A space western where people drop into Chinese unexpectedly and say things like " I aim to cause a ruckus". Who couldn't get behind that? And it doesn't hurt that it's funny and most of the male cast is hotter then Phoenix asphalt at three p.m. in July. Really, truly, that hot. My only quibble is that a main character I particularly like is killed. Well, that and the deplorable lack of shirtlessness among the guys. One and a half scenes...not nearly enough. Especially when you remember that one tv episode where Mal is basically naked the whole time; I had very high expectations of skin sightings *sigh*.

I went to both movies with Sunshine whose knowledge and interests in pop culture run eerily similar to mine. And she likes gummie bears so bonus points.

Speaking of things I'm not supposed to be eating, yesterday I was supposed to get my permenant crown installed. Yeah, not so much. It didn't fit. Didn't fit to the point that when it was in place I couldn't close my mouth completly. 2 more weeks of chewing only on the left side while simultaneously ripping the flesh of my right cheek to shreads and we will try again.

My shower has become possessed. When you pull up on the little stem thingy on the faucet water goes everywhere. Well, everywhere except out the shower head. And there are funny noises. This morning I was forced to perform an emergency band-aid application so I could shower and stand at the same time while also retainin hope that the shampoo would someday be rinsed out. If I have a funny crick in my neck the next time you see me? The band-aid didn't work a second time.

As far as yarn related pursuits...still working on the SWTC tank top design. There hasn't been a lot of time away from this computer and typing and hooking don't mix. Unless you're running one of THOSE type of blogs and, while it's been considered what with the extended period of joblessness, at this time Hip Hip is not one of them.

My parent's called yesterday. Actually my mother called while dad was off getting ready to go to a square dance (They square dance. Have ever since I was a kid. My sister and I used to pretend we were little frogs living under a mushroom and sit underneath mom's big fluffy skirts before they would leave. Our babysitters thought the whole family was nuts). Point being, my mother never calls me. Either I call them and she answers or dad dials the phone and basically says "Pamela! Just checking in. Here's mom." Mom doesn't dial me. I don't know that I've ever picked up my phone and had it been mom on the other line. Which means for the first 30 seconds of yesterday's phone call, I had no earthly idea who I was speaking too. I like to think I covered nicely but I suspect when she hung up she turned to dad and said "She turns 35 in less then a month and she doesn't recognize her mother on the phone. That's it, she's getting clown barf acrylic for her birthday. And a request for a queen-size afghan made out of it. Which I will never use. All just to teach her the importance of getting caller id."

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ladylinoleum said...

I am determined to go see Serenity this weekend. I loved Firefly. Cannot believe they cancelled that show. Cannot believe Farscape was cancelled either. What's up with reality television living on and on, but good sci fi, axed. Oh well, lots of sci fi on again anyhow...