Monday, November 14, 2005

Annndddd, we're back on topic.

Meet Tinkle Bell, the Happy Bladder. She finally made it to her new owner, so she can now make her Hip Hip debut.

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Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, mystery dark red acrylic, wire (for the urethra), stuffing and my own pattern because who else would ever think of designing something this odd.

The Anika sweater is making progress, even if it's hard to tell in this majorly sub-par picture. The front and back are finished and the first sleeve has been started.

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Yesterday there was an impromptu SnB meeting because Ashley was back in town briefly, on her way to parts Far Easterly. It was great to see you Ashley! You and your handsome, officer hubby have a good trip and stay safe!

Wedding from Hell update - nothing to report. None of the Bedroom 4 have received responses to their apologies. Everyone is sad and upset but also hurt and bewildered. My relationship with the bride is much more peripheral than the other 3 so they think she may contact me as a "neutral" party but no one is holding their breath.

And a word of warning. If you are planning to shake up a jar of spaghetti sauce, please make sure no drips remain on the outside from the previous use. Otherwise, this can happen.

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(There was actually much more but there was subsequent dog head shaking and emergency wall wiping prior to this picture.) (And yes, the original shake leavings all landed on her head, none on the walls or floor or me. Can someone please explain the physics behind THAT?)


Deshona said...

That is a very cute bladder doll you made. You have a nice blog, very intreatsing.

Deneen said...

I adore Tinkle Bell-nice job. What is she for????

African Kelli said...

woah. you are crocheting organs?

ladylinoleum said...

Pam, we need to crochet a whole person together. C'mon would be fun project for next year. I'm serious.

Luscious Gracious said...

Please don't ever say "wire for the urethra" again.
I love you too much to have to kill you.