Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Books, etc.

63. The Lady and the Unicorn - Tracy Chevalier. Same author as The Girl with a Pearl Earring, which I avoided because it seemed like it would be a heavy read, lots of pausing to decipher the language and paging back to check obscure plot points. Apparently I was wrong about that. The best way I can describe The Lady and the Unicorn is 'Danielle Steele meets the 1400's'. And that genre didn't do a whole lot for me. So once again I find myself in the position of disliking the book club book that everyone else in the group loved.

64. The Interruption of Everything - Terry McMillan. Stella loses her groove once again. Poor Marilyn has every possible Sandwich Generation thing happen to her at once. Caretaking for the older generation, caretaking for the younger generation, caretaking for the no-good sibling and a husband with a mid-life crisis. I really enjoyed the book up until the last chapter, and then I hated it.

Yarn-wise, I'm still working on the red socks that have been batting around for 4 months or so. Hopefully, they will be done by Christmas. I need to start the sleeves to the Anika sweater again. I have an idea for a present but it could be a lot of work.

The blanket is going to my sister. After I show it to the SnB crowd tonight I will be boxing it up and mailing it off. Hooray for finishing something.

Melanie gave me some beautiful homespun for watching the menagerie. I still need to take a picture of it.

Lucy and I are both missing Myriah. It seems weird not to be peeking under the bed once an hour to see if she ok...

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