Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Excuse me Pam, your feminism is showing

There is an interesting series of posts over at the University of Chicago Law School Faculty blog. The posts are taken from a journal article written by Martha Nussbaum entitled "Women's Bodies: Violence, Security, Capabilities". It get a bit dense in the later sections but is definitely worth a look. For me, it laid out a issue that's been in the back of mind since...forever. Women are not safe and will not be until the world believes they are equal to men. Be sure to read the comments, the reactions are typical of what gets said any time this issue is brought up.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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Kari said...

I found it very interesting how the comments on part one ended up turing into a anti/pro gun carrying debate. It seemed a silly way to argue the articles merits.
I cannot agree with everything the article says but there are some valid points.
Thanks for the links to it. (going back to reread somemore)