Saturday, November 05, 2005

State Fair II: Revenge of the Relish Trap

Alternate Title: Detritus Blanc. Basura Blanca. No Matter How You Try to Fancy It Up, It's Still White Trash.

Last weekend! Last weekend of the Arizona State Fair! And y'all know what that means! Figure 8 Racing!

A dirt track in the shape of an 8. Beater cars with big engines. Fire suits required or they'll kick your ass right offa the track.

Rolled cars. Busted radiators. Shifted concrete barriers. Flying tires. Emergency welding.

Hot Doggers. Sharkfins. Finding Nemo hanging out a window. Kid in a tow truck having the time of his life.

You know, Figure 8 Racing. All taking place in dim lighting so no photographic evidence exists.

Other highlights of the evening included:

Snuck-in liquor.

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Giant turkey legs that resembled badly performed autopsies.

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Forrest and I revisiting the scene of our break from reality.

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Superfluous picture taking (with trucker hat).

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And Relish Traps. Oh lordy, the Relish Traps that were at the fair... You couldn't dodge a humungous stuffed dragon without coming face to face with yet another Relish Trap.

Confused? Go here to find the origin of the phrase (end of second paragraph).

Still confused? Let me lay it out for ya.

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Now go forth, my children, and spread the word of the Relish Trap. I want this phrase on the Daily Show by the end of the month.

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