Thursday, December 08, 2005

Deviled Eggs:1, Pam:0

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This is why I usually sign up for plates and napkins.


Amy (yarnaholic) said...

I learned a great tip about deviled eggs on a message board the other day. Use eggs that are about to reach their expiration date, and they'll peel very nicely. It's the fresh eggs that give you such a hard time peeling and end up looking yucky!

I tried this the other day with some almost-old eggs I had, and it really does work! They peeled so easily, and looked perfect!

Now I just have to remember to plan early enough to make deviled eggs so that I can buy the eggs so they'll be old when I want to use them!

Mel said...

LOL! They call them 'Devil'-ed for a reason.

noricum said...

Yep, your problem was probably fresh eggs.

Oh, and we use eggs well past the "best before date," when they'll be well cooked. (Hard boiled, in cakes, etc.)

Sarah said...

Um..make an egg salad type dip with crackers.