Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let's call it a draw

Second batch.

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Luckily I bought 2 dozen eggs on Sunday. Latent psychic ability or knowledge of how bad a cook I am. You decide.

Thanks for all the comments on the egg freshness relating to the ease of peeling. It was for just that reason that I bought them Sunday for use today/tomorrow. I don't think it was a freshness issue, I think I slightly undercooked them. Especially since I had a couple of slightly over date eggs in that first batch that were just as self destructive as the others.

So I have 20 or so usable halves and approximately 20 whole eggs in various states of dishevelment. Tomorrow the mixing begins. Wish me luck.


noricum said...

Much better!

So... I guess you'll be eating egg salad sandwiches all week? ;)

Eva said...

I wasn't in time for the last batch, so to speak, but I was going to say that the yolks looked a bit undercooked in that last bunch. These look fabuloso! Can't wait to try the finished product. Deviled eggs are my FAVE!

Deneen said...

Okay Pam, the other batch looked way undercooked.

For hardboiled eggs, you need to buy the eggs a week or so before you intend to boil them, too fresh and they don't peel right-seriously.

Put the eggs in a pan and fill water almost to the top of the eggs. Make sure they aren't crowded. Turn stove on mdium and bring to a slow boil, pup the lid on the pot at that point and turn burner to simmer-simmer 20 minutes.

Remove from stove immediately and rinse with ice cold water for about 5 minutes. This will prevent the green ring around the yoke. Let them cool in the fridge a bit and then peel. than make your recipe as you make it.

Perfect eggs everytime!

Sarah said...

Damn...and now I won't get one of your eggs at the party.

Good luck today.

P.S. Add garlic salt! ;)

Bethany said...

The second try resulted in beautiful eggs! Good job. We like to put relish into our fillings.
wow... you opened a controversial issue with hard boiling and deviling. Who knew everyone had an opinion about that?