Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I took apart a sweater. That was fun.

I also altered another sweater, took off the cowl, changed the neckline and took 2 inches off the length. That was fun too.

I started the sleeve to the Anika sweater again, this time with actual counting. Yipee.

The red socks are growing in little bits, so that's good.

I actually got the blanket in the mail. Hooray me.

I got to crochet and hang out with fun people Saturday morning. Very cool.

I didn't punch anyone in the face Saturday night even after receiving an elbow to the head. Very nice.

The bookclub meeting on Sunday was great. Yay.

So if all this wonderful stuff has been happening, why do I feel so iggity-ogggity ick? Short form answer: school. Longer answer in cryptic phrases: panic attacks, procrastination issues, confusing directions, cold feet, runny nose, annoying dog and major depression. In other words, I'm behind and rapidly running out of time. And there is no one to blame but myself.

Sorry for the pity party, it's late, my head is stuffy, and I've been at the computer most of the day. With more of the same planned for tomorrow with the extra added bonus of a SnB meeting that night. Yahoo.


Mel said...

I remember that end of term feeling. You get tired, and you're looking forward to the term being over. You'll get there. Now if you could just train the dog to obey the rules of the Dewey Decimal System...

Sarah said...

How surprising you are sick at the end of the semester. I think everyone was sick during finals.

You can do it and we will see you tonight at SnB!

noricum said...


ladylinoleum said...

You know every time I think about entering a doctoral program I remember that I will actually have to write a disseration. That's enough for me to put my pen down and stop filling in the blanks on the entrance application. LOL

I am sending you good "ready to work" vibes so you can get beyond your behindedness...okay, it's not a word. Whateva!