Saturday, January 21, 2006


1. Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson. Stephenson is now 2 for 3. I liked this one and finished it. It's set in the future and often in cyberspace, I think he need to have at least some computers involved for me to get into it. Or something.

2. By A Spider's Thread - Laura Lippman. Another in the Tess Monaghan series. You know how, when books are in a series, the author often refers to previous books, giving enough details to explain if you haven't actually read that one? Lippman does that, frequently, but for some reason I can't ever remember the thing she's referring to even though I've read all the books. So when I read a new one I always feel like I should re-read the rest. I managed to restrain myself this time.

3. Don't Think About Monkeys - Edited by Adam Ward Seligman and John S Hilkevich. Essays written by people with Tourette Syndrome or their family. It's a fascinating subject and I really learned a lot from it. Technically this was a book for school but since I already owned it I thought I could count it as part of the regular 50.

4. Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay. Dexter is a forensic lab tech who just happens to also be a sociopath and a killer. But it's ok, he only kills people who deserve it, child murderers, homicidal nurses, things like that. Surprisingly funny, Lindsay has a way with words, especially when Dexter is trying to "pass for human" and he doesn't understand what the people around him are doing. I just got the second Dexter book from the library and since it had been a few years since I read this one I decided to start from the beginning.

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Deneen said...

I love Laura Lippman's books-even the non-Tess Monaghan series. I am awaiting the newest one to come out.....