Friday, January 20, 2006


I'm wiped out. This working thing is harder than it looks. Or maybe it's the school? Or the ever-present brown cloud of pollution that hovers over the valley and continually gives me a stuffy head, runny nose and general "about to get a cold" feeling. Or maybe I'm getting a cold.

I'm basically in a good mood; I just don't feel like I'm accomplishing much. However, I've caught the bus at the time I wanted to (it's hard to actually miss since one leaves every 10 minutes). I brought my lunch all three days. I'm up-to-date on my assignments. Those are the important things.

Things like dishes and laundry and getting the dog fresh air and grocery shopping and returning pants and cleaning and catching up on Bloglines...all those can wait. At least until something dramatic happens, like the Department of Health closing my bathroom down or the like.

My brain has been acting funny lately. We'll ignore the fact that I'm making multiple lists every day, including ones that have two items or less on them so I'm not even sure they can be called a list proper. We'll ignore the fact that I forgot a friend's birthday on Saturday even though I had remembered it on Thursday. And we'll definitely ignore the fact that I have a whole gank load of memes to do and for some reason they are frightening me to the point of immobility.

What really concerns me is that, on at least 3 occasions in the past two weeks, I have forgotten where I am. Not in the "why did I walk into the kitchen" sense...I'm used to that. I mean forgot like "what city am I in?" I keep thinking I'm in Pittsburgh. This makes sense on one level because I used to take the bus all the time at Pitt but I never worked in a skyscraper there, or ate in a lunchroom or drove to the Park n Ride. There have been other moments too, strong, little deja vu moments that have no basis in my history. I know the theory that deja vu is just random brain impulses hitting old memories but why so much lately? Have my brain impulses forgot where they are as well?

And when I get home I don't want to think so much so I've slowly been reducing this:

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to its component parts. Remember the sweaters I got for christmas? Goodwill had their 50% off sale last week and I picked up a bunch more. I'm looking at it as a form of therapy. OCD encouraging therapy.

Here are my christmas presents that arrived in the mail last week. The left side of the picture holds the best items. The pillow was made by my mom and has a lot of straps on it to hold a book open. That way you can read and crochet at the same time. Not that I've had the brain power available to attempt it. The other object is in the top left. Hands-free soap dispenser, baby! I don't know why that makes me so happy but it does. Maybe because of the whole OCD thing?

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There are also lime flavored tennis balls for Lucy (?!?), a squeaky Issac Mizrahi shoe for Lu, a fancy-pants flash light, a Hershey Kiss candle and a T-shirt that requires an explanation. The pandas at the National Zoo had a baby last July. When he was born he was described as being "the size of a stick of butter" and the obsessed panda watching community took to calling him Butterstick. He was formally named Tai Shan but the obsessed ones still call him Butterstick and are very vocal about it. At least that what my sister told me. She spent her 10 minutes (appointment required) looking at the baby and then bought me a shirt. I may have to print all this out onto the back of the shirt.

Ok, this post length is past the bounds of decency so I'll end it here. More later. If I remember where the computer is.

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Sounds like you could use some de-stressing!