Monday, February 27, 2006

Another quick one

1. Almost but not quite finished the Crochet Olympic hat. One half of the last of 6 panels to go and a little bit of seaming. Maybe tomorrow.

2. My parents arrived Saturday night. They're in town for the whole month (staying with me until Wednesday and then a trailer for the rest). So far we've...eaten, shopped for food and eaten. And watched the Olympics. Dad did taxes, Mom recycled a sweater for me (I didn't even ask), Lucy wandered around keeping a happy eye on everyone and I did homework.

3. I have yet more homework.

4. One part of it is writing an abstract on a chapter that is about types and functions of abstracts. My brain keeps going in circles.

5. My sister arrives in about a week and a half. She's coming out on the condition that we leave Phoenix for a least a portion of her visit. You see, she's already seen Phoenix (I always picture that guy from Speed when she says that. The tourist who says "We're at the airport. But I've already seen the airport." as the bomb ticks and Sandra Bullock drives hurriedly and Keanu looks hot. Ah, memories.)

6. There are pictures: of flower pillows and Lucy and the inflatable bed and other fun things. Some day soon they will be visible to the naked eye instead of living in the camera.

7. I don't even have time for a complete list of 10.

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Sarah said...

Thanks for posting!

Hope you have a nice time with the 'rents.