Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I went to Pittsburgh and all I got was this lousy rhinovirus

Cement head? Check. Snot? Check. Cycling fever? Check. Much reduced will to live? Check.

The one positive point is that I made it all the way home before it kicked in full strength. If I felt like this and had to share an armrest with a stranger, blood may have been shed.

The weekend was good, busy but good. This time we had a bit more free time and I was able to hang out with some of my librarian-wanna-be friends. The presentation went ok and the prof actually complimented me.

I found out I'm not completely unqualified to work in information organization / library technical services.

My parents cleaned my entire place while I was gone and the dog is still tired from all the activity.

I checked into my flight directly behind the Temptations. Technically The Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards but that's the Tempations latest incarnation. Oddly enough, my family just watched a concert on PBS that they headlined and I though they look familiar even before I saw the back of the crews' jackets. These guys are rockstars; entourage, fur coats, bling, fancy shoes, etc. And they were polite and low key too. I kept bumping into various ones roaming the halls of the Pittsburgh Sky Mall.

No, I didn't say anything. The crippling shyness kicked in and I just stared politely.

So I guess I brought two things back from Pittsburgh; a head cold and a bona fide celebrity sighting. Much better then the time I turned around in BWI to find Mike Tyson standing behind me and jumped about a foot in the air (he's scary, even in repose)(and he was wearing a large gold dollar sign necklace. For reals).

There are other things going on; a new knit project including actual purling, many books to add to the list, things my brain can't recall right now. Later. Now it's time for decongestants and possibly a nap.


Sarah said...

Oh, I bet Mike Tyson is scary in broad daylight in repose. Kinda makes my skin crawl thinking about it!

Glad you had a good time and got back safely plus...your parents cleaned your place!!!

Heather said...

Welcome back home! Hey, your parents can come stay with me anytime. Sorry you are sick...that just sucks.

Mike Tyson...eww...he freaks me out.

miss kendra said...

mmmm nap.