Friday, March 24, 2006

So cold...

I have now been awake for basically 28 hours. Repeated 10 minute catnaps on a darkened plane don't count as actual sleep. At least not when you're as loopy as I am right now.

So. Pittsburgh is cold. Damn cold. Africa cold. Wait, that doesn't make sense.

I got off the plane and saw snow falling gently from the cloudy sky. Not a big fan of snow.

I've been either in the lobby or the computer lab of the Information Sciences building for 3+ hours now because I can't check into the hotel yet and I didn't want to trek up the hill-from-hell to sit in their lobby just to turn right back around and come back to SIS. Dragging my luggage because the hotel won't hold it. I don't like them.

At least I finished my power point presentation. Which is good because it's due tomorrow. I'll need to review it after some sleep but right now it seems just peachy. Tomorrow I'm sure numerous flaws will come to light, including the classification of Down Syndrome as a type of new-fangled dance all the kids are doing.

It's really cold. According to my hands and feet, my brain should be floating in warm, warm blood right now. According to my hands and feet are sacrificing themselves for no good reason.

I may also need to eat something. Except it's noon and my body refuses to believe that and is rejecting all food suggestions. Maybe when I get even more tired I'll be able to sneak something in.


Sarah said...

Stay warm and hope your body doesn't go into culture shock! ;)

noricum said...

Gah! That's odd about the hotel... ususally they'll hold bags if you arrive before check-in.

Were you on a red-eye?