Sunday, April 09, 2006

He's a travelin' crab

As you may remember, Lily's 9th birthday was March 30th and her party was last Saturday.

A special gift was obviously needed but it took the wisdom of Melanie to figure it out. We went with Lily's two loves, rocks and hermit crabs.

If you go here you can see some pictures of Mel's cool felted rock and my Crazy Joe the Hermit Crab. Steve managed to capture the inner grace of Joe much better then I could.

Happy Birthday again Lily. Remember not to let Joe dry out!


Stephanie said...

:) Joe is fantastic!
Super cute and adorable :)

Luscious Gracious said...

Joe is doing well. He is not drying out, even in the desert. We have a special watering bottle with a spray nozzle for all of our crabs, and Joe has an imaginary one. Imaginary like his puppets...and his job as our financial advisor. He helped Dad with our taxes last night. He's our newest dependent! We now know that all hermit crabs attempt tax fraud before, (and thanks a million), Lily