Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saint Pam the Euphoric

There's, like, one person who's going to get that title joke.

But, even with my lack of saintly qualities, I am euphoric. The school year is complete, at least until the 15th of May. Two whole weeks of not-school. Whatever will I do with myself?

Hopefully work on this stuff.


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The big pile is the world's oldest test knit. It's had two foster homes so far in it's life and who knows what the future will bring. Hopefully a growth spurt into an actual afghan but there's this issue.

The second item illustrates the issue. It the latest knitting project. Inspired by Kiki's stripey kneesocks and unable to comprehend sock instruction during the last weeks of the term - it will eventually be a pair of legwarmers (just like socks but with no complicated feet parts). Two new skills with this project - working in the round (with those porcupine-like double points no less) and working with Cascade Fixation which is hella stretchy and sprongy.

Oh right, the issue. I really like knitting. Sigh. It's kinda hard to get enthused about a crochet project when all I wanna do is knit. Not that there's anything wrong with crochet.

Other things that have been happening.

The Murphenator

I had a gentleman caller at my house last weekend. Except to the tendency to put his head in your lap when you're trying to pee, he was a lovely houseguest.

Lucy and Murphy
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The interesting thing about that picture? They're both staring at a wall. An empty wall.

Like a song, only more literate.

Thursday I managed to get a word stuck in my head. I think it was sucked in during the big vacuum that formed when the final paper got sent into cyperspace. At least I think that's what the wooshing was...

The word? 'Antediluvial'. And the best part? As I kept hearing this echoing thruout my blissfully empty skull (antediluvial... antediluvial... anteeeee-deee-luuuuuuu-vial) I didn't even know what it meant. I had to google my brain's short circuit. Thank Goddess it's an actual word or I'd be really worried.

At the same time, I had a song stuck in my head. Ben Folds Five's One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces. So all afternoon my brain was repeating

"now I'm big and important
one angry dwarf and
200 solemn faces are you
if you really want to see me
check the papers and the TV
look who's telling who what to do
kiss my ass

And then on Friday I realized I had read the word 'Alluvial' at some point the previous day (it actually kinda does relate to environmental engineering). My brain just decided to turn geology into history. And then I had 'Alluvial' running thru my head all day (alluvial... alluvial... alluuuuuu-vial). Luckily, there was no accompanying song.

Circumventing the Yarn Diet

I'm still trying to limit my yarn intake. But last night I found a way to alter the stash with no real net gain. Yarn Swap!

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Bring one bag of assorted unmatched balls of novelty yarn (and 6 balls of bulky weight, bright green, kitchen cotton) and leave with enough ribbon yarn to make a sweater. And a skein of LusterSheen that called to me (loudly, to be heard over the lingering 'alluuuuuuuuvial'). And the cotton actually found a new home, going off to be built into a bear most likely.

And a Great Big Thank You

To the Luscious Gracious Clan. As a fully-fledged knitta (not that there's anything wrong with crochet) I was so touched by your amazing generosity. Thank you a thousand times.

All-natural knitting

Who says crabs don't follow trends? Maybe they're a little late and little clumsy, but they're trendy nonetheless. (Scroll down to read the caption.)
Link found on Sivacracy.


Heather said...

Knitting? On dpns? Oh Pam...I'm so proud!! Fun, huh? Does this mean that you will be coming on Tuesdays again now?

Sara said...

oh it all looks so beautiful.

My cats like to stare at the back of the couch.

Isn't it funny how animals think you need a bathroom sponsor?

noricum said...

Cute crab!

noricum said...

Tee-hee... bathroom sponsor... that's funny!

Mel said...

Murphy is a Toilet Bowl Quality Control Specialist. What can you say? The dude thinks Toilets are better than water bowls. Gross, I know. That's why it's good to keep the lid down. Thanks for tolerating his antics while I was laid up.

Sarah said...

You have come over to the knitting side!

I see the never ending crochet afghan isn't really being crocheted.

Yea, you are done with classes for two weeks!!!

eva said...

Just so long as you don't quit your awesome crochet toys and various human organs.

I had the same drop in crochet pressure when I got back into knitting... I'm not sure exactly what that's about. I did get a really big bee in my bonnet about crocheting a lace table-something or other while I was in NYC. We'll see what happens with that one.

eva said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.

Antediluvial was the word on my tea from Starbucks this weekend. It's their "Akilah and the Bee" co-branding extravaganza. I hate to say that I fell prey to the Starbucks monster, but that's kind of all that exists in suburban Philadelphia.

ladylinoleum said...

Girl, I always have a knitting project going simultaneously with my crochet projects. I am always switching back and forth. I love them both for different reasons. Glad you're hooked, um, I mean needled too!