Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Book Backlog. Again.

I think I'm just going to have to post these in batches instead of as they're completed, kinda like the old timey computers with their batch processing instead of the modern day time-sharing concept.

What, you don't use historical computer operations as reference points? And just why the hell not?

19. Bedford Square - Anne Perry. Not as good as the William Monk one I just read, but I like Victorian-era fiction so it was good enough.

20. The Return Journey - Maeve Binchy. Boy, did this suck. It might have helped had I realized prior to the halfway point that it was unconnected short stories instead of somehow related characters. But it wouldn't have helped enough for me to actually like it.

21. Into Thin Air - Jan Krakauer. Just confirmed my suspicion that I'll never climb Mt Everest. And after reading this, I'm really ok with that.

22. Candyfreak - Steve Almond. A man with a sweet tooth after my own heart. Very funny and highly recommended unless you're diabetic or on a diet.

23. Assassination Vacation - Sarah Vowell. I used to love presidential history and trivia. Sarah Vowell on a slow day puts me to shame. Really interesting writing on the Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley assassinations.

24. An Unfinished Life - Mark Spragg. Both the OneBookAZ's and my book club's selection for the month. Didn't care for it. First, I really don't like it when men write women characters and try to get into their heads, it never rings true. I have a whole rant on that topic that I'm having trouble articulating right now, I'll work on it, hopefully in time for book club. Secondly, the cover of the book has pictures of the stars that will be in the upcoming movie. I would have never pictured J-Lo as Jean or Redford as Einar and it screwed up my reading to keep trying to fit image with character.

And I still haven't figured out who Josh Lucas is playing (Mel, Josh Lucas, that's the name we couldn't remember, the Sweet Home Alabama guy). Oh, wait. He's playing Crane. Would have saved me a lot of grief to look that up earlier. And according to this, there's no character named Roy Winston in the movie and he's kind of a major part. I do like the girl playing Griff, Becca Gardner. She was on Grey's Anatomy, as the Bex, the intersex girl George treated. She'll probably be a good Griff.

Ok, I'm having issues with coherency now. Also with color matching. If anyone's having issues with the new template let me know. I'm not sure if ya'll be able to see the links, etc.

Good night.


SheCrochets said...

The links and colors look fine to me!

I have been meaning to read Assassination Vacation; glad you liked it. :-)

noricum said...

I can see the links. :)

Oh... and I use computer references all the time! (Old and new.) Of course, that is a bit of a career hazard for me. ;)

Mel said...

Thank you! I couldn't think of that guys name to save my life. And I second the seeing the movie (poster) before reading the book sentiment. It affects your ability to imagine the characters in your own way.