Monday, April 03, 2006

What Happens in Pittsburgh...

...doesn't really stay in Pittsburgh. At least that virus didn't. I wish it had.

I had to fill a MLIS friend in on all the FastTrack weekend happenings. For your edification, I present a much edited list:

Things I learned:
• Taking a red eye Thursday night will make you very tired all day friday.
• It's hard to kill a whole day in the SIS building even in the computer lab.
• It's pronounced "sizz" which freaks me out for some reason
• The way to Dr J's heart is thru yarn - she runs a knitting group at SIS
• Signing up for the Alumni Association's hit list is almost worth it when you win a $15 Barnes and Noble gift certificate.
• Langly Hall's doors lock at some point Friday evening.
• We didn't get a break during the 8 to 10 pm friday class.
• If you arrive to campus late you will be left sitting on the steps of Langly Hall in the cold, wet evening until you give up and go to the hotel at 9:30.
• The TA just spent time in England researching Darwin and how he organized stuff.
• Darwin must have had OCD - lists everwhere.
• L. hadn't had a nap in 8 years
• It takes very little to make L. happy
• E. manages to pick really awful men to date
• Steroids really do make the testicles shrink
• If you give me a chance, I flip into genetic counselor mode and a presentation about collection development will turn into a presentation about Down Syndrome and it's various health issues
• Luckily the professor found it interesting
• D. passed out buttons to everyone reading "Radical Militant Librarian"
• I managed to read it as "Radical Militant Lesbian" for an extended period of time
• I was a bit confused why so many classmates had switched teams and were so upfront about it
• E. believes the Residence Inn is called the Renaissance Inn
• Chinese food delivery guys are remarkable adept at finding places
• Chinese food and apple-tinis are not a good combination
• SIS is getting reaccredited in about a month
• Everyone is freaking out
• SIS is combining the MLIS, IT and whatever the third group is into one group
• Everyone is freaking out
• I didn't even know there were three groups
• Organizing information is also referred to as Technical Services
• Technical Service people are born not made
• Ain't I just hot shit for being interesting in Tech Services
• It was a busy weekend but not as hectic as October
• Next October's weekend will be on my birthday
• whee
• I met D. who was in my group for Dr J's projects
• I was picturing a young, slender, white guy
• He's a mid-30's, 6'4", linebacker-build, black guy with a 6 inch long beard
• So much for my email interpretation skillz
• Eat 'n Park is a fine dining establishment when you are eating alone
• I am perfectly capable of completely vegging out for an evening in a hotel room
• Even tho Grey's Anatomy was a repeat
• The Best Value Hotel does not allow you to take the "light breakfast" back to your room.
• I really should learn not to leave the hotel room without wearing a bra
• The pizza in the Cincinnati /Western Kentucky airport leaves a lot to be desired

Don't y'all feel smarter just going thru the list of what I learned? It's education osmosis.

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Luscious Gracious said...

It's really too bad you can't get into that one know the one...the one that teaches you how to make lists. It's an upper-level class, available to only very serious students. OCD101.