Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So I sez to Mabel, I sez...

Good morning, nameofcompany. Please hold and I'll transfer you.

So yeah, I guess Claudia's been out for a while. Who knew? I'm hardly ever on the fifth floor and I guess I just assumed she was in the bathro-

Good morning, nameofcompany. Please hold and I'll transfer you.

I'm not sure exactly, something about a stuck dog and an ill-advised mattress moving. Flat on her back for two wee-.

Good morning, nameofcompany. I'm sorry, they're not here today, would you like their voicemail?

So, I guess Pam and Richard have been going cuckoo trying to answer the phones and get the rest of their work don-

Good morning, nameofcompany. No, this isn't Pizza Hut.

Yeah, she's named Pam too. It's a little confusing. Especially since people keep saying "Oh, is this Pam?" when they call and I have to explain that it is but not the Pam they meant. Then they get even more confused. I'm thinking I may change my na-

Good morning, nameofcompany. Ok, I'll page him. Wait, page him to where? Oh, to pick up the call, got it. Sorry, I'm new at this.

Vinnie, please pick up line one. Vinnie, line one.

And then, you'll never guess wh-

What do you mean he can't pick up line one. It's blinking why can't he- Oh, system doesn't allow it. Call the desk and transfer, got it.

Vinnie, please call the operator. Vinnie, call the operator.

Where was I? Oh yeah, ther-

Hi Vinnie, I have a call for you. What number are you at? No the phone doesn't say, it just says Guest. Ok call me back.

So there I wa-

Ok, 4842. Hold on, I'll transfer.

Ok, so ther-

What's ringing? Why didn't that go thru? Oh. Hold button.

Until Claudia gets better I guess. It's only a few hours a day. I don't mind helping ou-

Sure. Saguaro Conference Room, 12 to 1, I'll reserve it for you. I'm sorry, I don't know your name? Oh, the VP of Marketing, I guess I've just never run into you before. I'm in the XY group. No, 3 months now. I'm Pam. Another Pam. Yes, it is getting a little confusing.

Where was I? Oh, last night. I showed up two hours early, can you believe it? Turns out I never switched my watch back from the Pittsburgh trip. Yeah, a week ago. I don't know, I guess I just don't look at it that muc-

Good morning, nameofco-

Aughh. Stupid fax.

You know, two different people have complimented me on my overhead speaker skills. How weird is that? Apparently, I have a pleasant overhead speaker voi-

Good morning, nameofcompany. No, I'm the other Pam. I'll transfer you.

So how did last night go, the big date? Any sparks? Could he be the on-

Good morning, nameofcompany. Please hold and I'll transfer you.


SheCrochets said...

Hee hee! Love it!

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I can just see you. I think you would have a very good loud speaker voice!

Congrats on more hours...which means more $$$.