Saturday, June 10, 2006


More fruits of procrastination.

29. Killing Time - Caleb Carr. The Alienist was so good and The Angel of Darkness was very readable. So what happened with this one? This is the second time I read it, believing that it couldn't possibly be as bad as I remembered. It was. Carr should stick with the 19th century and stay away from the sci-fi.

30. All Families are Psychotic - Douglas Coupland. More like I remember Coupland being but the ending was rushed and didn't fit.

31. Murder at the Kennedy Center - Margaret Truman. The month's bus book. Good twinkie book.

32. A Good Yarn - Debbie Macomber. A part cleaning-house gift from Eva. The very definition of a twinkie book AND I finished it in one short afternoon. Perfect for stressful times. Does anyone local want it? (I'm in major money-hoarding mode right now, so no shipping fees for me. :-( )

33. Shampoo Planet - Douglas Coupland. A re-read, but it renewed my faith in Coupland. Very funny and depressing at the same time.

Don't worry, Kiki and Steve's Coupland collection has to come to an end sometime, right?

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Luscious Gracious said...

Shampoo Planet is my favorite....just the idea of the globe farm!!! And now, when I see the new malls being built every day in every part of the valley, I just hope to myself that I am still around when they are ruins for skateboarders to enjoy.