Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Well, I'm back

What's that? You didn't realize I was gone? Did I not tell you I was going to Pennsylvania for a week? Oops, my bad.

So I was in Pennsylvania for a week. And there were things.

+ Much food was consumed, talked about and procured. It's my family, that's what we do.

+ We took a walking tour of the city of Lancaster. Our guide Bill wore knee britches. Tres chic.

+ Multiple people told me it looked like I'd lost weight.

+ I gained a few pounds.

+ A 5:30 dinner reservation, while seemingly time appropriate for Lancaster County is, in fact, too early and your family will be the only one in the restaurant for at least a half an hour.

+ The inflate-a-bed makes my sister have unequal body temperature distribution, about which she will bitch. A lot.

+ When you spend $400 to only spend 4.5 hours in a class room over a 48 hour period, you get a little bitter.

+ Hanging with the Librarians Gone Wild (look for them on the Amazing Race...sometime) makes a three hour dinner seem not so long.

+ I miss cable tv.

+ The Pittsburgh Airport Gap was having a sale.

+ Thru some fluke of abnormal sizing I bought a size 12 skirt.

+ I gained another pound or two.

+ 5 hours is really too long to spend in the Pittsburgh Airport, even with the mall.

+ You can only spend 1 hour max looking at books at the Hudson Booksellers before the staff starts looking at you funny.

+ Jodi Picoult writes the perfect plane book.

+ 45 minutes is too long to sit in an un-airconditioned plane on a runway.

+ 10 minutes is too short a time to be in the Philadelphia airport.

+ Why did I fly east just to land for 10 minutes, run a quick marathon and then fly immediately west?

+ Luggage is incapable of completing a long sprint and will instead insist on staying in Philly and enjoying the nightlife.

+ US Air has no idea of their flight schedules.

+ I may have possibly stolen my own luggage from baggage claim.

+ Exercised-induced foot drop make for some funny walking.

+ I've decided my epithet of choice will be "Sweet Fancy Moses!" Feel free to steal it. We'll start a trend.

+ Everyone in my family has a new (used) car but me. Sad.

+ If you have orange kayaks, you cannot buy a red station wagon. This is apparently a law of some type.

So, that happened. No yarn-related activities but a goodly amount of stuff.


Lisa said...

Wow. Sounds like an adventure. :-)

My epithet of choice is "Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick!" but the Dead Milkmen came up with that one. I doubt they mind if anyone uses it.

Luggage, by the way, has a mind of its own. Mine randomly visits family members. I go to there houses, and there's the luggage I've been looking for for three months but couldn't find forcing me to use Wal-mart sacks. It's a mystery.

Deneen said...

Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, as did your luggage. I would rather be in Philly than Lancaster too!

Sarah said...

Love the post.

Congrats on the size 12 skirt! I am envious.

I hope your luggage is ok after its round in Philly.

Welcome back!

Jessica said...

Welcome home!! Sounds like a fair bit of adventure in one week. I've heard if you have a red station wagon, blue kayaks are usually the best way to go. I'm sure Lucy's happy to have you back!