Saturday, June 10, 2006

There's a funny word at the end

Things have been busy here at the Hip Hip Joint. It's astounding what you get done when you're procrastinating.

This is for a classmate, she and I did a number of projects together last term and she's really cool, therefore she deserves a shawl.

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2 balls of Soy silk dyed with Kool-Aid.
(lack of) Pattern by me


This pile is other things for classmates and their offspring.

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A bunch more nametag lanyards made from Cotton Twist and Cascade Pearls.
A few headbands made with various unlabeled yarns.
A wristband that is 1) my first attempt at Fair Isle and 2)way too big for a 10 year old.
Another wristband - properly sized with the Z embroidered on due to lack of brain power when making.

I may try to alter the too-big wristband into something for me. I don't really need to have a Z on my wrist since my name starts with P. I'm thinking a really pointy infinity sign instead.


These are the infamous knee socks. I'm still having heel turning issues but it's because I've only work on them in large groups or when something interesting is on TV. I think I'm going to need a bit of quiet to master this.

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This is the guilt trip I got after the photo shoot.

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"What? We're not cool enough to go out front with you?"

Luckily they're over it now. They both remembered we had just come back from a walk (or dry land dog sledding, as I like to call it) and then they remembered they were tired. They're both sacked out, Murphy under the computer desk and Lucy out on the foyer tile because she self-confident enough to realize I won't disappear if she's not in the same room as me. Well, that and the fact that the tile is much cooler than the carpet.


This final pic is some of the weather we had this past week. It was taken after the worst of the dust had passed and after the 2 minutes of scattered showers, but during the high winds and tumbleweed migration.

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Paula had a great link about the storm, here at AZCentral. Click on the "See pictures of the dust storm" link.

That big wall of dust in the slideshow is called a haboob Heh heh, I said boob.

Sometimes Arizona seems like it's on a different planet then Pennsylvania.


Paula said...

"Sometimes Arizona seems like it's on a different planet that Pennsylvania."

Amen to that.

(Of course, ,sometimes your end of Pennsylvania seems like it's on a different planet than my end (Philadelphia).)

noricum said...

The shawl looks great!

I'm glad I wasn't around for a dust storm. :P

SheCrochets said...

I like the color of the yarn in the knee socks! Purty, purty! And I am sure you will master the heel turn... just try and get a block of quiet time (good luck!).