Thursday, July 06, 2006

Can I retire now?

The Summer edition of For the Love of Yarn is up and it contains a pattern designed by yours truly. The Whatever Shrug - a pattern to personalize.

In addition, Stephanie has her cool Red Poppy Pillow and Cathy from SnBAZ has an adorable cabled baby vest. The Phoenix area is well represented.

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Lucy has forgiven me for the indignity of the shrug photo shoot in the front yard. During the event she tried to discreetly wander off, hell-bent on escaping the shame of wearing a pseudo-sweater. However, it is very difficult to blend into the background when you're wearing bright lime green so she didn't get too far.

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Maybe if we go somewhere cold this winter, we'll actually wear them together. It would be worth the questioning stares just to embarrass Lu again. She's usually un-embarrass-able, ask anyone whose seen her prancing about the day after her summer haircut / reupholstering.

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If anyone makes a Whatever Shrug, please let me know. I'd love to see other peoples' interpretations.


Creative Genius? said...

I love Lucy in it!!! Although I understand her slight shyness -- I showed the picture to Orange and Blue and then ran and hid... however they seem to be on their best behavior now... go figure :-)

Deneen said...

I saw that pattern today and bookmarked it. When I was looking at it, I kept thinking "that name is so familiar", but never connected it til you helped me. Congrats!

SheCrochets said...

The shrug is beautiful... but the Lucy shrug! Priceless! I don't have a Lucy myself, but maybe I could make it for my dad's dogs? :-) Good job!

Ashley said...

What a cute pattern. Ah, to be able to crochet.

Is that a new hairstyle? It's cute, I'm loving the inverted cuts right now.

ladylinoleum said...

That's awesome!!! Yay!!!