Monday, July 31, 2006

Helpful Hint

No matter how close you are to a sink, no matter how quickly you believe you can rinse off and no matter how much yarn is floating to the surface, it is never a good idea to stick your entire hand into a bowl of concentrated Kool-aid.

The yarn turned out a lovely pumpkin shade but my left hand managed to contracted a slight case of jaundice.

And now, I must go complete a 250-term controlled-vocabulary thesaurus for the environmental services department of an engineering consulting company, complete with user manual, broader, narrow, related and use for terms and an accompanying power point presentation.

Don't worry, I'm not quite sure what that last paragraph means either.


Sarah said...

You dye like I do, with my unprotected hands and then, I have weird colored hands when I am done.

Good luck with the last paragraph.

Nancy said...

The scary thing is, I know what the last paragraph meant. Have fun with that!


Lisa said...

Hey, your hands are totally punk now.

That last paragraph almost made sense. What are you interning for anyway?

Jessica said...

last paragraph made sense to me.....probably because I've used such documents...

Rachel said...

Aww, that last paragraph made me wistful for school... :)