Sunday, July 02, 2006

Honest to Goshen Fiber Content

Contrary to what my last few (dozen?) posts indicate, this is still a crochet and knit blog. I've been in a yarn slump for a bit, but I've finally started something.

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My first attempt at knitting lace. It's a very simple, 6-row repeat, eyelet pattern from Knitting for Dummies. The yarn is a cotton-linen blend, recycled from a Goodwill cabled sweater. While I was trying to decide on a pattern stitch, I first decided the yarn was too thick, so in addition to reducing the sweater to its component parts, I'm also reducing the yarn from 4 ply to 2. And yes, I am quite possibly insane.

Eventually, this will be a rectangular shawl for office-ware. I'm constantly cold there and I'm sick of throwing on the same black sweater every day. I figure the off-white wouldn't clash too bad with most of my wardrobe but it's not a color I usually pick.

I'm glad I finally started this, it seemed like I spent a month dithering over knit vs crochet and rectangle vs triangle and the amoebae pattern from Scarves on the Go vs the sunburst one. It seemed like a month, but in actuality it was about 6 weeks. Maybe the slump is over.


Sarah said...

Wow, looks great and will go very well for office wear to keep you warm!

Stephanie said...

oh yay!
that looks fantastic :) knitting lace already - whoo hoo!!!

ladylinoleum said...

I think you are doing splendid with this!