Sunday, July 02, 2006

But it's the color of Barney and royalty

As most of you have probably noticed, it's July. And in the world of Project Spectrum, July equal Purple and therefore it is time to change my blog's color scheme. It's just that I have this small issue with purple. I hate it.

I've actually put some thought into this. Why such a visceral dislike of a fairly innocuous color? Why the almost total lack of purple yarn in the stash or purple clothes in the closet? Of all the vague, nebulous reasons, there are only a few I can actually put into words.

First, if you ever want to see what I'm going to look like as a corpse just put me in a lavender shirt. Instant pasty pallor. Since I usually chose not to resemble the walking dead, I avoid wearing lavender and just to be safe most other shades of purple.

And then there's the fact that purple is my sister's color. Remember when you were little and when you and your sibling got similar gifts they were always a different color? Well, mine were always blue and Sis's were always purple. Blue hat, purple hat. Blue bunny, purple bunny. Blue sleeping bag, purple sleeping bag. So, in a odd way, having a purple object makes me feel like I'm stealing from my sister.

Purple just doesn't make me happy. Green makes me happy. Orange and blue and pink make me happy. Purple just makes me a bit nauseous.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-purple. I don't have a hidden agenda to rid the world of grape and violet. If you look back in the blog, I've actually made some FOs in various hues of purple. But if you look closer you'll see I've also given all of those FOs away. If you like purple, I'm not going to key your car or shun you in public. It's just not the color for me.

Therefore, I am abstaining from this month's Project Spectrum color selection. The blog will remain blue (which makes me happy) and I'll rejoin the festivities in August when things are more black and white. Literally.

As far as the Barney and royalty references; I'll let you decide if they're positive or negative factors in the defense of the purple.

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