Monday, February 12, 2007

This is your cabinet on dog

This is a drawer filled with snack-type items. As you can see, it has no handle and is flush with the cabinet except for a small finger-notch on the top.

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On a few occasions in the past two months, this drawer has mysteriously opened while I'm out of the house, allowing access to all the snack-type items inside. Lucy has taken full advantage of this to the tune of 20 peppermint patties, a sleeve of crackers, a bag of dried cranberries, a few Hershey Kisses, a couple of granola bars and some pecans.

I assumed I had some type of snack- and/or dog-enabling-obsessed poltergeist residing with me. Or possibly a very localized, recurrent, low level earthquake.

So I took measures to prevent the random drawer opening and got out the packing tape.

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(please imagine that all tape pieces are intact as it makes for a better narrative.)

Imagine my surprise when I came home from knitting and found this.

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Also apparent were an empty, shredded bag of dried cherries, a granola bar wrapper and new, slightly mauled, Brita filter.

My question is this: if it isn't a poltergeist and it isn't an earthquake, how did this drawer get open? There's no handle, it won't bounce open and Lucy has no thumbs. Maybe she's developing telekinetic powers or an odd food-specific magnetism. Because if she opened that drawer with her paws, no snack-type item is safe.

In order to preserve Lucy's girlish figure (and my sanity), a baby lock has been installed.


Deneen said...

I once had a cat, declawed mind you, who only opened cabinets and drawers at night-when I was in bed. He used to open them and slam them shut-never ate anything in the cabinets, loved the entire game of it all.

I would be tempted to set up a video camera and see the action first hand.

noricum said...

I'm guessing he got his claws in the top groove in order to get them open. Or, possibly, he nudges them, and if they're a bit open, they close then bounce back further open.

I was going to suggest child locks, but then saw that you already have them.

I suppose another possibility is that they're not level, but I doubt that. Especially if this is a new occurance, and you haven't noticed cracks in your walls.