Friday, February 02, 2007

Silver tinfoil linings

Wednesday started with vomit and things have just better from there.

And, no. I’m not being sarcastic.

Let me elaborate.

1. Lucy finally threw up the wrappers of the 20-odd peppermint patties she ate last Friday. I wasn't too worried about her, since she has the intestinal fortitude of a dingo or some super-powered goat, but I was relieved to see the wad of wrappers in some form or another. And I find it interesting that, for 5 days, Lucy was composed of approximately 33% tin foil.

2. I've been picked as one of the first four volunteers to receive a Golden Heart award from Good Sam. The other are a man with 4,000 hours, a woman with 2,500 and a woman with 500. I just hit 100. While I'm honored, I have residual guilt because I'm not "volunteering" so much as "completing a school requirement" and I was planning on stopping in about 25 hours. I may be compelled by my conscience to stay a while longer. Next Tuesday I get a small lunch and a head shot taken for posting somewhere on the second floor. I need to buy a new shirt. My sister has informed me that she wishes the Golden Heart to resemble a gold-plated Purple Heart and that I should be required to wear it at all times.

3. Yesterday, I mailed off my application for a fellowship at the National Library of Medicine. Pretty standard stuff but I had a bit of difficulty with the narrative questions. I rocked on the “what could you bring to the program” one; benefits of having such a diverse (some say checkered) background. But I had issues with the “what do you expect to get from us” portion. I mean, it’s hard to stretch “Dude. It’s the NLM. What else do you need.” to 500 words.

4. I finally found some patterns and had a few ideas that will allow me to create something that’s been percolating for at least a year now.

5. My car may not be imploding as quickly as the dealership implied.

6. I finally thought of an idea of food to serve at book club.

7. My breathing is slowly but steadily improving. I'm not getting winded as much but I've lost my voice a few time. I'm not sure if that's related but I'm lumping all esophagus-related oddities together now.

And best of all

8. My parents planned on leaving for The Villages this morning and so they missed the tornadoes that destroyed 300 homes there last night.


Sarah said...

Wow. that was a lot of peppermint patties. Yes, Lucy has amazing intestinal fortitude.

I hope you get the internship at NLM. YOu are right, what would you say?

Lolly said...

Oh cool! I didn't know you were interested in an NLM internship! I have a friend that works in the Serials dept there, and I work just down the street at another biomedical institution! :)

~Best wishes with that~

Deneen said...

It is amazing the crap animals digest. I used to have two inside cats and one of them ate tinsel one time and I didn't know it. Well damn thing was running aroun the house with the other one chasing her like crazy-yeah, she had a piece of tinsel hanging out of her butt fluttering around the other other thought it was all fun.

I couldn't pull it out because it would cut her-I trimmed it and she pooped it out (thank goodness), but it looked like alien cat poops. It was the last year I used tinsel in my house.

Good news about your parents. It's weird how that works out sometimes and good news for them and you. I hope their home wasn't damaged.

eva said...

Whahahahahhooo hooo! Deeneen's comment made me laugh so hard! Only because I am a cat person, and we had tinsel one year when I was small...

So, you mean you might be living here for a while!!?